Elementary Health Fair

It is an annual tradition, checking the health status of young students at Red River Elementary School. Last week students in the High School’s Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program pitched in with the screenings.

On Tuesday the three and four year old students were screened.  The five year old students were screened on Wednesday.  These health screenings are mandated by federal regulations.

The screenings performed include vision, hearing, skin and hair, cardio, respiratory, height and weight, and developmental milestones.  All of the children assemble in the gym at the elementary school.

This year the CNA students went from the screenings to their classroom at Springville Education Center to learn how to properly protect themselves against potential health hazards they could encounter on the job in a medical facility.   Look at the bottom photo.  They applied shaving cream and pencil sharpening shavings to their gowns. The challenge was to remove the gowns without becoming exposed to the mess on the outside.

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