Lady Chops Makes Loud Music

“I love making noise in a library,” said Lady Chops as she began her show on Monday afternoon.  This was the final performance of the Library’s summer reading program and it was wildly received by the children (and adults) in attendance.

Lady Chops explained her life-long love of music and how music gave her a career.  She recalled that a college offered her a four-year scholarship if she would play music.  And then she recalled how she auditioned for and won a spot in the cast of the off-Broadway hit “Stomp.”

First there is the drum roll and crash cymbal.  You are probably familiar with comedians who use that sound to punctuate their jokes. She showed the kids to beat on their thighs for the drum roll and then make the crash sound with their voice. They really got into that.

Her performance was punctuated with an introduction to many percussion instruments including a Zydeco Necktie Rubboard and a Tongue Drum.  The children were invited to join the performances and do a solo on the instrument they selected.

The grand finale was creation of the children’s own rock band.  Each was introduced to an instrument and given instruction in how to play it.  The group picked a name and it was “Lady Chops and the Chicken Pox.”

With Lady Chops on drums, the Chicken Pox backed her up with several different percussion instruments. There were solos for everyone. After each solo Lady Chops would exclaim, “1-2-3 everybody play!” to bring the other musicians back in.

The show was a delight. Toward the end, Lady Chops realized that it had gone longer than originally planned.  No worry, because no one was anxious to leave.

Children’s Librarian Kala Sims put together the summer program and booked the acts.  She told The Journal she was very pleased with the turnout all summer.  And no sooner than the curtain came down Monday afternoon than Sims was busy planning for summer 2020.

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