High School Football Season is Coming

The Red River Parish Journal will again provide live coverage of high school athletic events during the 2019-20 school year.  We’ll kick off with Riverdale Rebel football on August 23rd followed by Red River Bulldog football on September 6th.

Journal Publisher John Brewer said, “I wish to thank the schools for placing their confidence in us to provide live play-by-play of sports for the coming year.  We are making it even easier for everyone to get the broadcasts.”

Brewer explained, “We are implementing a new notification method for athletic events that will be more timely and more convenient for fans.  We will be sending text messages shortly before each event.  All you will have to do to receive the game is click on the text message.”

The Journal is offering weekly cash rewards to people who sign up now.  Brewer explained, “If people sign up for the text messages early, we have an opportunity to get everything ready for them to hear the games when football begins.”

So, The Journal will select a $100 winner each week and announce it in the Friday edition.  There aren’t any complicated rules.  Just sign up for text message alerts before each sporting event and you are automatically entered in the contest.  Everyone who has signed up this summer is eligible for each weekly cash prize.  There is no need to re-sign up each week.

The smiling lady at the top of this article is Sharon Bradley.  She received her $100 while her friend Rebecca Moore looked on.  Moore asked, “How can I get in on this?”  So here is the link.

CLICK HERE – > Sports Signup

Sign up today.  We’ll have another winner to announce on Friday and it could be you!

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