Comedy and Magic Combine to Entertain the Kids

Children from 1 to 100 love magic.  And when it is combined with comedy, and puppets the treat is very special.  So was the Summer Monday program at the Red River Parish Library on July 8th

Frank and Tammy Chaisson are from Houma in far south Louisiana.  Frank told The Journal that he and Tammy have been performing for children for about 22 years.  They have done balloon animals and face paintings in the past.  They’re been into puppets and magic for the last ten years. This is their first appearance in Coushatta.  The kids loved it so the Chaissons may return in the future.

Children’s Librarian Kala Sims introduced the act and the kids got into it right away.  Frank started with cards and a search for vampire bees.  It was a performance based upon the magician playing the dunce and not understanding as the children loudly tried to straighten him out.  They loved it.

Tammy came on with a lesson in brushing teeth.  Her puppet was a very large set of lips and a few grungy teeth.  The kids quickly got the point.  Then Tammy’s lesson turned to reading with a lovable platypus puppet named Pat.

There were more songs and more magic.  Frank played the part of the bumbling magician very well and the audience loved all of it.

Sims concluded the afternoon by awarding prizes of books, magic wands, and t-shirts to children in attendance.  If your children are not taking part in the summer reading program “A Universe of Stories” and if you are not going to the Library on Monday for special shows and returning on Thursdays for crafts and games, they are missing out on one of the great programs this summer.  Call Sims at the Library for more information.

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