For Local Students It’s Been A Heck of a Summer

Red River High reported last week that some students recently received some valuable insight on what it is like to work in the medical field. Seven students, selected from a pool of applicants, took part in the Bayou North 2019 “AHEC of a Summer” program.  The rigorous program lasted three weeks and was held at Christus Coushatta Health care facility. 
Thanks to Christus Coushatta’s hospital staff, AHEC students were given the opportunity to shadow mentors from various departments, all while earning over 60 hours of volunteer service and high school credit!  Many students in our community envision themselves working in health care in the future and participation in AHEC gives them first-hand experience at what that dream might look like!
Thank You Shanica Keith for all your help with these students during the program.  Participants this summer were Hayley Loe, Davanity Braden, Payal Patel, JaMira Beaner, Morgan Alexander, Jalexia Palmer, and Zemiah Jones.

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