He Is Not Here!

The angel sitting on the stone in the Gospel of Matthew told the women, “He is not here.”  The message was repeated in churches throughout Red River and the US last Sunday morning.

Very early in the morning folks gathered on the pier at Grand Bayou before sunrise to await the new day.  A little later in the morning others gathered at Abbie Lane Retreat on Highway 71 for a similar message.

Bro. Benjie Colvin was the speaker at Grand Bayou. He said, “All four gospels say the same story ‘Jesus is alive’.”  Colvin expanded on the theme that everything happened just as Jesus said it would.  He said, “We’re here because of hope.  He did what he said he would and after we come and see He has risen, the next job is to go and tell.  Where would we be if the women at the tomb had not gone and told the disciples?”

A few minutes later over a hundred gathered at Abbie Lane Retreat in south Red River Parish.  They began in the Gethsemane Prayer Garden, then made their way to Cavalry Hill with the three crosses, and on to the Empty Tomb. 

There were songs and inspirational messages at each stop. Pastor Olan McLauren from Davis Springs Southern Methodist Church spoke at Gethsemane.  Bro. James Hester at Calvary.  And Roland Smith of the Church on the Hill in Campti was the speaker at the Empty Tomb.

Bro. Smith asked again the angel’s question, “Why do you seek the living among the dead?”  He said, “The empty tomb symbolizes life.  I praise him for the garden and the cross, but the empty tomb is live.”  He noted, “You can go to Mohammed’s tomb and he’s still in there.  Same for Buddha.  They’re still dead!”  And he concluded with the point that “we have the same spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead in us this morning!”

The Journal found several pictures from other services on Easter Sunday.  Liberty Baptist Church described their service as “Beautiful.”  Abundant Life Worship Center Coushatta posted, “So many wonderful families celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ on this Easter Sunday.”

Open Door Fellowship gathered Sunday morning.  They posted, “We celebrate the fact that Christ is risen! Our service will start at 10:00 Am. It will be a great day of worship, celebration and observances of both baptism and communion.”

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