Easter Egg Hunts Thrill Children

Children of all ages, with parents, grands, uncles and aunts, flocked to Easter Egg Hunts just before Easter.  The Journal checked in with hunts at First Baptist and First Methodist-Wesley Chapel churches.

We found kids from infants to high school scrambling for eggs hidden in plain sight.  There were eggs scattered around the playground at First Baptist and in the big side yard.  They hid them in the sanctuary at Frist Methodist for the littlest hunters.

The Easter Bunny met the children at the Methodist church.  A big overstuffed almost life-sized bunny greeted the kids coming into the Baptist church yard.  Some lucky child took that big bunny home as the grand prize of the afternoon.

This year First Baptist conducted a “Freeze Hunt” for the kids.  At “go” the kids rushed under the tape blocking off the yard, basket in hand, and started gathering up as many eggs as they could.  That was while the music was playing.  When it stopped, they had to “freeze” in place until the music resumed.  Reminds you of musical chairs, but with an unlimited supply of chairs.

The weather was nice, and a bright sunshine completed a perfect day for an egg hunt.  It was a great day for arts and crafts and a big inflatable slide too!  And lots of eggs filled with candy, some dollar coins, and lots of surprises.

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