A Look Back at Red River Parish

RRPJ-Taylor History TOP-18Nov2

Thanks to Joe Taylor for digging through his treasure trove of Red River history. Here are several pictures from days gone by.

RRPJ-Taylor-Old Courthouse-18Nov2

Old Court House

Standing on the corner of Clarkson and Main Street (yes there’s a Main Street). It was replaced by current courthouse in 1928. The old courthouse was then torn down and the lumber used to build exhibit buildings at fair grounds .


RRPJ-Taylor-Civil War Vets-18Nov2

Civil War Veterans

Standing on the steps of the newly built Coushatta School in 1912 are Red River Parish veterans of the Civil War. Apparently the picture was made after a ceremony because they all have ribbons on their chests. Names are included for you genealogists.

RRPJ-Taylor-Bernstein Hotel-18Nov2

Bernstein Hotel

It was located on Carroll Street in the early 1900’s. Later Genie and Bea Bernstein would have a small store at this location. The Bernstein, Lisso and Wolfson families lived here in Coushatta’s little Jewish community.





RRPJ-Taylor-Old Town on River-18Nov2

Old Town on River

The photographer is standing on (river) Front Street at the beginning of Carroll Street taking a picture of one the first mercantile stores. The Bosley’s were a pioneer family, one of the first to settle here. At one time they owned most of the land that Coushatta sits on.

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