Robertson is Moving and Inspiring

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Bro Nathan Davis set the mood for Tuesday evening when he said, “What we are doing here tonight is for the glory and honor of Jesus Christ.” The Men’s Ministry of First Baptist Church invited the community to the Family Life Center for an inspiring evening featuring Phil Robertson. They came. The Family Life Center floor and walking track was filled to capacity as were several other rooms at the church.

They listened attentively. They were not disappointed.

Robertson mixed humor with the gospel story of hope and his own testimony. Robertson noted that he was Louisiana Tech’s quarterback before Terry Bradshaw. He said we all know Bradshaw’s story but he told of going to West Monroe to make duck calls. “Guess I did pretty good too!” he commented.

The heart of his message was “love” including God’s love for his creation. But he started with mankind’s eternal problem with “sin.” Robertson recounted scripture after scripture that points to the evil one in control of this world and the problems everyone has with continuing to sin.

Robertson told the gathering that God had a solution. He sent his son Jesus. Robertson said, “He lived on the earth only 33 years but he solved all of our problems in only three days! How? With God all things are possible.” He added, “The price he paid for my sorry, low down hide was great. I know he loved us and that proves it.”

As for the future, Robertson instructed the gathering to love. “It is critical to love one another. Just love like Jesus did,” he said.

Everyone in attendance had heard that story over and over again. There was nothing really new in Robertson’s remarks. But the way he expressed his message, and the power of his personal life story brought a new dimension to the Gospel account.

Robertson concluded by admonishing everyone to do good. He said, “Jesus went around doing good and healing those who were in the power of the devil. Train yourself to get up on the morning and train yourself to do good.” Robertson summed up his message with, “Just do what’s right. Love your brother and everything will be OK.”

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