Moore Gets Her Day

RRPJ-Years of Service-18Aug17

Coushatta retired schoolteacher Marilyn Moore was recognized by the Coushatta Town Council on Tuesday for her years of service to the community. Mayor Johnny Cox presented Moore with a “Retirement Proclamation” honoring Moore.

Cox called Moore from the audience at Town Council meeting saying, “It is an honor for me to ask this individual to come forward and get our Mayor’s Award. It is well deserved.” Cox added that the town tries to recognize those citizens who have given so much. He told Moore, “We wish you well and thank you for your faithfulness and professionalism serving this community and the parish.”

The proclamation noted that Moore is a graduate of Coushatta High School, and both Grambling and Northwestern State University. Her educational experience includes the Head Start program, Special Education and the Special Needs program.

Moore retired in June and the proclamation set aside Saturday July 7th as “Marilyn B. Moore Day.” The original date of the presentation was at the July Town Council meeting, however it was delayed until last Tuesday.

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