Moving on Past Fifth Grade


They don’t call it graduation, but it is an End of Year Celebration. The class of 2025 is moving up to sixth grade. Their motto, “It doesn’t get easier, we just get better.”

It was a gala celebration held at Red River Elementary School last week as the fifth grade class was treated to Salisbury Steak and all the trimmings for lunch. Then parents and friends came into the gymnasium for a great celebration capped with a slide show titled “We Came, We Saw, We Showed Out.”

The video above is the class song performed by Caitlyn Jones, Anyla Young and Adrianna Bradford accompanied by Cameron Jones on keyboard. The students put on the end of school program including poems by Jemarcus Latson and Shamiya Henderson.

The students received an abundance of awards from their teachers. There were certificates for everything from excellent penmanship to exceptional academic achievement. Many of the students were also awarded medals to wear around their necks.

Closing remarks were offered by Principal Shenell Deville. She thanked friends and family members for coming to help their children celebrate moving from elementary to the sixth grade. Deville told them. “I know you are ready for junior high. Now let me hear your cheer.” To which the kids responded in unison, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, We’re on our way to Junior High.”


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