Seniors Receive Awards in Special Ceremony

RRPJ-Awards Ceremony-18May18

It was the first time graduates of Red River High School received their scholarships and other awards at a special ceremony. In prior years presentation of awards was part of commencement. The special awards ceremony was held Tuesday night.

Principal J.C. Dickey III told the gathering of parents, relatives and friends that the ceremony would be lengthy but “I want everyone to know everything the students had achieved.” He added, “The big picture goes way beyond a diploma. Red River High has done a great job of preparing students for whatever comes next.”

Every graduate present received some recognition. Many students were the recipient of multiple awards, certificates, certifications. Then there was the presentation of numerous scholarships. Here are some of the highlights.

There were awards in English, writing, social studies, music and band, Spanish, small engine repair, and Beta Club.

Band Director Yasmine Jason presented the Outstanding Musician awards to Steven Williams, James Putek, Bobby White, and Shantwaine Lewis. Jason announced that the four students had been accepted into the NSU School of Music. She said never before had four Red River students received music scholarships.

Bulldog Awards were given to Kaylee Antilley, Karla Ashworth, Skylar Blow, Dominique Burton, Mickael Lewis, Shantwaine Lewis, Jasper Miller, Christopher Moore, Pierre Mosely, Brian Price, James Putek, Jacob Session, Bobby White ad Steven Williams.

The Leadership Award went to Adriana Bradley. Mrs. RRHS is Tianna Rock and Mr. RRHS is Waylon Washington. Principal Dickey said that award reflected everything Rock and Washington had done in high school, their accomplishments and contributions over the past four years.

The Air Force Junior ROTC program presented graduates with certificates of completion of the program. Those were awarded to Kaylee Antilley, Karla Ashworth, Jaclyn Bone, Tyneisha Callihan, Shemarian Demery, Pierre Gant, Kyara Iverson, Mickael Lewis, Thomas McCoy, Kiarra Rock, Tianna Rock, Kami Sharpley, Joseah Warren, and Abudllah Yafai.

National Society of High School Scholars awards were presented to Kaylee Antilley, Adriana Bradley and Tianna Rock. Trailblazers were Tianna Rock and Kaylee Antilley. Awards for participants in Girls State went to Tianna Rock and Adriana Bradley.

The award for the student scoring highest on the ACT test went to Angel Baird.
The highest dollar amount awarded was a scholarship from the Louisiana National Guard. James Putek has already enlisted and he was awarded a full four-year scholarship worth $102,000.00.

RRHS Black History Scholarships were presented by Billie Sue Mosley and Phyllis Calhoun. They were given to Skylar Blow, Adriana Bradley, Dominique Burton, Demontae Calhoun, Lazaria Clark, Ladaja Demery, Shemarian Demery, Pierre Mosely, Randarius Murphy, Shacoby Perkins, Shakeem Perkins, Joesph Smith, SheReddrion Smith, Waylon Washington, Bobby White, and
Oksonna Williams.

Some of the other scholarships awarded include the Louisiana Sheriff’s scholarship presented to Caty Mahfouz. Alternate on that scholarship was Wilmer Gene Williams. The Louisiana State Troopers Association scholarship was presented to Kaylee Antilley. The American Legion presented two scholarships to Tianna Rock and James Putek. The Cox Development Foundation scholarships went to Lazaria Clark and Pierre Mosely. The State Representative Kenny Cox scholarship was presented to Adriana Bradley. Upward Bond DeSoto presented a $1,000 scholarship to Tianna Rock. Another $1,000 scholarship went to Kiarra Rock.

Two universities presented scholarships. Louisiana State University Shreveport presented a 4-year, $8,000 scholarship to Cody Edwards. LSUS also presented a 4-year, $12,000 scholarship to Angel Baird.

Northwestern State University presented a number of opportunity scholarships. A total of three scholarships were presented to Kaylee Antilley. Three scholarships were also presented to Lazaria Clark. And two scholarships were presented to Tianna Rock.

To conclude the awards program, Principal J.C. Dickey presented each graduate with his or her Certificates of Commitment. Some students committed to a particular course of study at a college or university while others committed to go to a trade or technical school or go directly into the workforce.

In closing, Dickey said, “It was long, but I wanted you as a community to understand what our kids have gone through in high school.” He thanked the crowd for attending and supporting this years graduating class.

Commencement will be next Tuesday, May 22nd at 6:00 pm. It will be held on the football field, weather permitting.

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