Boot Camp in Coushatta

RRPJ-Boot Camp-18May4

Just about everyone will tell you they would like to be more fit. Most of us say we’re going to do something, someday. That could be today.

Dadrian Harris is conducting a fitness Boot Camp three days a week. He calls it Operation Get Fit. He had a group of mostly adults sweating on Tuesday and Thursday as the month-long program got underway. Harris is a coach at Red River Elementary School.

They did squats, a few push ups, some running, some crab walks and other movements that get your body moving and the sweat flowing. The hour-long workout was broken up by brief breaks for water and to catch your breath.

Harris’ assistants are Pierre Mosely, Jasmine Taylor and Jeremy Calhoun. They worked as hard as the participants. After all the instructors had to perform all the moves and exercises correctly. Not quite that level of perfection was expected of the participants, well not yet!

It appeared everyone had a good time. Some were puffing pretty hard during and after the inaugural session. Most said they would be back for more next time.


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