Front Street Improvements

RRPJ-Front Street TOP-18May2

Construction workers have been busy all week making improvements to Front Street. A short time earlier the buildings in a two-block stretch were repainted.

For the past week workers have been tearing out the old sidewalks and pouring new concrete. In addition, the fronts of the buildings have been repaired to take out the “sway-back mule” look. The new roofs over the sidewalks are aligned and straight.

Councilman Peter Drake has been overseeing the work. He said once the new concrete sidewalks hardens he hopes to get the street washed with high-pressure hoses to clear away dirt and mud. This is necessary before new parking stripes can be painted.

On Saturday there will be a “Refurbish” day held in conjunction with the United Way, Chamber of Commerce and Tourist Development. Mayor Johnny Cox told The Journal they will put on the finishing touches Saturday. The Chamber has been soliciting volunteers to sign up to work.

The Front Street update has been in the works for more than a year. The Mayor with support of the Town Council set out to improve Coushatta’s old business district. There are several businesses there and several buildings are unoccupied, ready for a tenant.

RRPJ-Front Street-18May2


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