We Walked Where He Walked

RRPJ-Holy Land Tour-18Mar21.JPG


Members from several congregations in our area participated in a trip to the Holy Land February 13th through 22nd. Among them were Bro. James Hester and Sandra Wright from Social Springs Baptist Church. The Journal spoke with Wright to get some of her observations of the experience.

Her first word was “Wonderful!” Wright said, “We walked where He walked. You can feel it more over there.” Wright told The Journal that there were several different itineraries to select from. The one she took included the western wall of the old temple or Wailing Wall, Tel Aviv, the birthplace of Jesus, King David’s tomb, and the Garden of Gethsemane. “We also visited Capernaum, the Dead Sea, and Jericho, among other stops,” she added.

Wright bubbles with excitement as she describes the sites her group visited. The experience made the Bible story come alive for her. But would she do it again? Wright said, “Yes I would, with a couple of changes. I wouldn’t be hurried. Our tour went quickly from place to place.”

So what adjustments would Wright make? “I would like to go with someone who knew the area, who could give me more information, so we would not be rushed.” And Wright added, “I would like to have more time to see, explore and enjoy the sites we visited.”

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