Student Recognition

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“I get to brag on a kid!” Alison Hughes told the Red River Parish School Board during the March meeting. Superintendent Hughes was all smiles as she introduced a seventh grader to the board.

Hughes recalled a bright spot in her day at a basketball game. She said, “It can get hectic around the concession stand. Some people can be mean. But every time I went to the concession stand I was met with a warm hug and a smile and someone asking me how was my day. In the midst of his demanding job this student asks me if there is anything else he can get me.”

She introduced student Billy Henry by saying, “It is his nature to always smile and have a pleasant attitude. Billy is definitely going to be one of our best students for years to come. Young Henry is in seventh grade at Red River Junior High. His father, Billy Henry, Jr. is Red River’s Athletic Director. His grandfather is Billy Henry, Sr, a track coach and instructor at Springville Education Center.

The smile on young Henry’s face was wide and sincere. And the glow of admiration from family members who accompanied him to the board meeting filled the room.

The agenda item read, “To recognize superintendent’s highlights.” Superintendent Hughes said one of the best parts of her job is, “I get to brag on a kid!”

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