Getting Ready for Summer

RRPJ-Get Ready for Summer-18Feb14


Grand Bayou will be ready when the peak season for visitors arrives May first. At their monthly meeting the Grand Bayou Commission heard reports that maintenance items were being corrected in time to welcome visitors.

Updates and repairs are underway all over the park. The commission authorized the removal of several dead trees in RV parking areas. They heard a report that the new hot water tank for the comfort station and bathhouse will be installed in the near future. And some repairs have been made to the park’s sewage disposal plant and others are in progress.

Two of the park’s regular guests, Robert and Christy Miller from Heflin came to the meeting to inquire about the policy of allowing guests to rent their spaces by the month. The park has received complaints from weekend renters that the prime spaces, near the water, are being taken by monthly renters.

After considerable discussion among board members it was determined that the current policy would remain in effect. Spaces are available for monthly renters in off-peak months (September through April). As of May first each year the park will rent spaces only by the day. The monthly rental is $440 during off-peak months. The daily rental is $25 per night for peak months (May through August).


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