Large Turnout for Fire Victims’ Benefit

RRPJ-Large Turnout Fire Benefit TOP-18Feb7

It was quite a crowd about noon on Saturday gathered around Beard’s Automotive. And there were quite a few grills fired up and smoking. It was a fundraiser for a family that lost their home in a recent fire. It was put on to benefit Gary Pemberton, an employee of Beard’s, and Gail Tomerlin Warrenburg.

The Journal talked with one of the cooks, R.D. Hutchison. He said that Brad McCoy was the head cook and got lots of help from Robert Watson, Glen Davis and others. Amanda Flynn was running the cash box and filling orders. She was also selling raffle tickets.

Huntchison said, “We had pits, and we always do it, and we don’t mind helping anybody out.” There were 5 or 6 cases of chicken leg quarters grilled with boxes of smoked sausage. Someone brought a warmer and filled it with pans of baked beans. And a lady on the serving line said, “We have a ton of potato salad.”

After lunch there was an auction and the drawing for the raffle prize, a $400 gift card to Nichols.

The line for plate lunches was long at times while neighbors visited, told tales, and anticipated their chicken and sausage lunch. There was a chill in the air under an overcast sky, however no one seemed to mind the wait.

A personal note: one of the benefits of life in a rural area is that everyone gets to know their neighbors. And they still turn out to help one another.



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