Fire Units Respond to Local Hotel

RRPJ-Fire Units Respond to Local Hotel


Units from the Red River Fire Department responded Thursday afternoon to an alarm at the Woodland Inn. There was no fire found, however a burst water pipe may have set off the alarm.

Hotel employees evacuated all residents when the hotel’s fire alarm began to sound. When firefighters arrived they checked all rooms to determine that everyone had been evacuated.

There was water running out of the ceiling of the breezeway upstairs, between the front and rear halves of the hotel. Hotel management was checking to determine if a pipe burst as a result of the cold snap this week and that is what triggered the alarm.

One of the owners, John Paul told The Journal, “An iron pipe that carries water to the sprinkler system burst. The 12 degree temperature we had the other night apparently weakened the pipe and when the weather warmed up the pipe burst.“

“When the pipe burst, a sensor noted a sudden loss of pressure, which was interpreted by the system as the fire suppression sprinklers going off” added Paul. This is what turned on the fire alarm at the hotel and notified the fire department.


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