Flu Outbreak Hits Red River Parish



Probably someone you know has had the flu this winter. It is a nationwide health issue and there are some things you can do to lessen the impact.

Here in Red River Parish the Health Unit continues to offer flu shots. Nursing Supervisor Yashica Turner told The Journal, “We are still offering flu shots.” Turner acknowledged that this year’s vaccine does not seem to protect against the most common strain of fly, however she said, “If you get he vaccination and then get the flu your case will be less severe.”

Turner said, “We have plenty of vaccine. Please call 932-4087 and check your eligibility to receive it.”

Our public school system dodged the bullet. Superintendent Alison Hughes said, “The timing of the Christmas vacation helped lower the impact. The flu was spreading at the beginning of the holiday, and much of it had run its course by the time classes resumed this week.” Hughes says at the most severe only about 5 percent of children were absent due to the flu.


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