Coushatta Budget Approved

RRPJ-Town Budget TOP-17Dec15.JPG


The Town Council approved final adjustments to the current year’s operating budget. And the council adopted the 2018 budget. Both were done when the council met Monday night.

For 2017 the town received in all funds a total of $2,919,923.00 and expenditures totaled $2,800,100. The town projected an ending balance of $119,823.00 in the various funds.

The proposed 2018 budget estimates that all funds will have receipts of $2,865,900.00. Projected expenditures total $2,749,200.00. That leaves a projected balance of $116,700.00 for 2018.

Neither budget mentions fund balances from prior years and if they are calculated in the fund receipts or expenditures. The budgets furnished The Journal by the town are included with this article.

RRPJ-Town budget -17Dec15


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