Abbie Lane Christmas Services

RRPJ-Abbie Lane Christmas-17Dec15.JPG

Abbie Lane will be conducting three Christmas worship services on Friday, December 22 in The Spears Chapel at Abbie Lane Retreat. The times are 4 pm, 5:30 pm, and 7 pm. At 4 pm Caleb Willis from Fairview Baptist Church will lead the music; at 5:30 pm Johnnie Dunn from Westside Baptist Church (Natchitoches) will lead the music; and at 7 pm David Adams from Open Door Fellowship will lead the music. Dr. Wayne Spears will preach the message in each of the services. All are invited.

Abbie Lane Retreat is located on Highway 71 in south Red River Parish. It is a place for members of the clergy to relax, to reflect, and to escape the rigors of the ministry for a time.


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