Elementary School Employees of the Month

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Red River Elementary School has selected their employees of the month for December. Here are details from Principal, Shenell Deville.

For December, our employees of the month are 3rd Grade Teacher, Megan Inman and Physical Education Teacher, Zachary Thrasher.

Ms. Inman goes beyond the call of duty planning for her students. She arrives early and stays late. She continues to be one of teachers whose students show progress on yearly state assessments. Parents and students favor her, and we continue to have a lot of requests to be in Ms. Inman’s class.

Coach Trasher is one of a kind. He does more than is required of him. Besides teaching and coaching sports, he leads one of our major fundraisers such as St. Jude. Coach Thrasher is flexible and does not complain when we spontaneously ask him to adjust his schedule or assist where needed.

We enjoy recognizing staff in many ways and here at Red River Elementary School, our Staff Recognition Committee continues to increase a positive school culture and climate for staff by planning surprise activities to show appreciation for everyone.

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