To Sell or To Demolish

RRPJ-Sell or Tear Down-17Nov17


The School Board’s Buildings and Grounds Committee dealt with a dwelling on a plot of newly acquired land near the Junior High School. The committee met November 13th just before the full board meeting.

School Finance Director David Jones presented the committee with several options, including demolition or trying to sell the building to be removed. Jones reported that the last time a similar situation arose there were no buyers willing to pay the cost of moving that structure.

Committee member Gary Giddens suggested selling the house if that is possible. Otherwise he suggested allowing the fire department to do a “test burn” at that location.

The suggestion of Cleve Miller was that the board is in no rush, so try to see if they can get something out of it. Member Richard Cannon said 60 days to tear down or move the structure is reasonable.

The committee recommended to the full board that sale or removal would be advertised for three weeks, then there would be a 60 day window for the successful bidder to move the house or tear it down. Later that evening the full board adopted the committee’s recommendation on what to do with the structure.


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