Get Flu Shots at the Health Unit

RRPJ-Health Unit Flu Shots-17Oct20

The flu season is approaching, so the Red River Parish Health Unit is emphasizing getting immunized against the disease this month. The especially stress flu shots for people 65 and older and children 3 and older.

Nursing Supervisor Yashica Turner said, “This group is called ‘high risk’ for the flu. Also people with chronic conditions such as asthma and heart conditions need to get the immunization even though you may not be 65 yet.”

No appointment at the Health Unit is necessary, however Turner said, “I would call ahead just to make sure that we’re not busy for that day. Some days are busier than others.” The number to call is 318-932-4087.

As for charging for flu shots, Turner said, “Medicare and Medicaid is free of charge, just bring your information. And if you don’t have insurance it is $10. I think people with private insurance pay $10 as well.”

The parish health unit has the flu vaccine year round, however Turner said the emphasis on everyone getting vaccinated is made during October just prior to the cold and flu season.

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