Employee Salute at Red River Industries

By Eletha Seabaugh, Executive Director

RRPJ-RRI Employee of Month-17Oct20


We are happy to announce that the employee of the month this month (October) at Red River Industries is Chris Haire. Chris’ accomplishments this month have distinguished him in both the community and his work place.

In the community, Chris has begun to work with the Red River Bulldogs Football Team as a trainer. He is so excited about this opportunity and enjoys helping the players have their best possible game! A big thank you goes out to Coach John Bachman for giving Chris this opportunity. Coach Bachman said, “Chris does more for us than we do for him. He is always so willing to do whatever is needed.”

Chris Haire has also added a new responsibility to his work duties. Due to his work as a volunteer fireman he recently called the fire department and asked them to install some new alarms for us at Red River Industries. Chris has now been put in charge of fire drills and checking the alarms periodically. This is in addition to his regular work duties, which include going out on the cleaning crew and helping with the change of decorations each season to keep us festive! Chris does an excellent job of keeping our decorations organized and always has fresh ideas for every season.

Chris has been at Red River Industries over 8 years now and we have enjoyed our time with him so far! We, at RRI are so proud of Chris and his accomplishments this month. Way to go Chris, and congratulations on being named “Employee of the Monlth!”

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