Election Outcome Pleases School Board and Police Jury

RRPJ-Early Voting-17Oct6

“We have such a wonderful future ahead of us!” said Alison Hughes, Superintendent of Schools. Hughes addressed the Red River Parish School Board Monday night on the two tax propositions the board placed on the ballot last Saturday. Both were approved. Hughes added, “I want to thank the residents of the parish who went to vote for their vote of confidence.”

Hughes said, “We will start work very soon. In the near future the school board’s Building and Grounds Committee will begin meetings to finalize construction projects approved by voters.” And Hughes said, “There will be meetings with the board’s bond attorney and special meetings of the whole board to finalize plans for school improvements.”

Among things to accomplish is the purchase of some additional land near the present football stadium. And Hughes said, “We will have to coordinate new projects with current classes to assure the safety of school children during construction.”

Two of the propositions approved were for the Red River Parish Police Jury. Both were property tax renewals and they total 5 mills. Jury Superintendent Jessie Davis said, “We want to thank everyone for supporting the renewal.”

Davis said, “We will continue to use the resources in the manner prescribed. And we will continue offering services prescribed.” One proposition provides for the parish health unit. The other provides for maintenance of all public facilities including the courthouse and road maintenance barn. Davis added that these were renewals, a process required every 10 years. He said, “This is nothing new. Your taxes will not change.”

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