Local Issues Are Approved

RRPJ-Local Vote-17Oct18

Voters in Red River Parish approved of the four tax proposals on the ballot last Saturday. Three were renewals of existing property taxes. The fourth was a bond election for school construction projects.

Members of the Board of Election Supervisors met Tuesday morning at the voting machine warehouse to examine the machines and certify the results of the election. The board consists of Clerk of Court Stuart Shaw, Registrar of Voters Mary Jones, Republican Party representative Bill Bacle, and Florence Bethard, the member appointed by the Governor. Democratic Party representative Valerie Cox was not present.

Each machine was checked and recorded. The voting books were gathered and the Registrar of Voters posted the rolls of citizens who voted Tuesday afternoon. The vote totals from each machine had been turned in to the Clerk’s office Saturday night after the polls closed.

There was also a statewide Treasurer race and three constitutional amendments. Candidates Derrick Edwards (Democrat) and John Schroder (Republican) were the top vote getters. They will be in a runoff election November 18th.

Thirty-seven percent of Red River voters selected Edwards or 37 percent of the vote. Second in Red River was Neil Riser (Republican) with 21 percent and third was John Schroder with 18 percent. Riser’s local lead did not hold up in statewide voting.

Here is the vote for the Red River tax propositions:
Police Jury Proposition 1, a 2 mills renewal for the Health Unit, won with 627 votes or 57 percent. There were 466 “no” votes or 43 percent.
Police Jury Proposition 2, 3 mills renewal for public facilities was approved with 605 yes votes or 56 percent. There were 478 “no” votes or 44 percent of the votes cast.
School Board Proposition 1, 5.62 mills renewal pass with 650 votes or 58 percent. There were 473 “no” votes or 42 percent of votes cast.
School Board Proposition 2, $29,500,000 bond issue for 20 years was approved by 619 voters or 55 percent. There were 499 “no” votes or 45 percent of the votes cast.

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