Egg Drop Defies Gravity, Sort of…

RRPJ-Egg Drop TOP-17Oct25


The students in Philip Dees’ Physics class at Red River High are studying Newton’s second and third laws of physics. Their assignment was to build a container that would protect a fragile object confronted with those physical laws.

Everyone would agree that an egg would splat if dropped from the balcony in the school auditorium. So the challenge was to build a container that would cushion an egg when dropped. The class was divided into two-person teams to design and construct their protective container. The photos show the successful ones.

The winning teams were Angel Baird and Cody Edwards with their “Contraption” made of pencils and other stuff; Kaylee Antilly and Caty Mahfouz with their “Box of Straws and Stuffing”; and Joseah Warren and James Putek with “RIP.” By the way the Container made by Dees was successful also.

Instructor Dees said, “They used USDA Grade A large eggs weighing an average of 58 grams. The challenge was for the students to perform the calculations to discover what it would take to protect the egg.”

The drop was 4.06 meters, or roughly 12-13 feet. Dees said, “I wanted to get the students to think about how Newton’s laws applied in the real world.”

The next challenge, said Dees, “Is to reduce the volume of their container and use two eggs. They will again drop the same height from the balcony of the auditorium. Then in December, after more study and design work, we will go to the stadium and drop the containers off the press box to the ground.” That will take the challenge to another level.

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