Donkey Ball Packed the House

RRPJ-Donkey BKB TOP-17Oct20


Nearly every seat was filled on Tuesday night for the Donkey Basketball game. Local celebs and personalities took turns riding and attempting to score a goal. Rather just attempting to stay on their trusty mounts.

The event is an annual fundraiser for Red River Junior High School. Principal Mike Peter dressed up as Farmer Brown or some other rather rural looking individual and assumed the role of “Ring Master” on the event. That’s him wearing the high-water overalls, with loose strap.

The donkeys were tethered outside the Junior High Gym waiting their turn while potential riders met the donkeys and attempted to “bond” with them. One could say “I don’t think it worked!” All the sweet-talking, tugging, dragging, or slapping on the butt didn’t convince them to do what their riders wanted. Hey, they’re donkeys!

The evening’s entertainment consisted of two games between teams of local riders. Winners of those two games played each other for the championship. In game 1 Jackace defeated the High Ballers 16-14. Game 2 saw the Jumping Jacks and Donkey Dunkers battle to a tie, two points to two. No one could get the ball in the net.

An arm wrestling match, in center circle, decided the outcome. The floor crew cleaned the circle before the arm wrestling. The captain of the Donkey Dunkers prevailed. And off they went to the finals.

The final game of the evening saw Jackace outscore the Donkey Dunkers 12 to 6. By that time, or perhaps way before that time, the donkeys had had enough. Their crankiness sprang forward as riders were thrown into the air, or flipped forward over the donkey’s head. One brave soul even attempted to stay atop a wildly kicking donkey as it bounded down the court. Guess who won that contest!

The crowd enjoyed every bit of the evening’s entertainment. It was like an old joke that your favorite uncle tells over and over. It just gets funnier. Donkey Basketball has been around for a lot of years. It never seems to get old, and it is funnier and funnier every year. So The Journal is eagerly awaiting next year’s Donkey Basketball game at the Junior High.

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