Riverdale Students Gather At the Pole

RRPJ-RA Pole TOP-17Sep29


Mid morning students attending Riverdale Academy were dismissed from classes to attend their “See You At the Pole” event. The program opened with student led prayer and singing and closed with everyone gathered around the flag to pray and sing “Sanctuary.”

The Journal spoke with Nicole Williams, the president of the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) chapter. They organized the school event. Williams said, “It is important to have the freedom to say this is what we believe and we’re going to show it. It is students standing up and speaking out.”

Williams recalled that “See You At the Pole” began in Texas with ten students who gathered one morning at their flagpole to pray. She said, “It has grown into a large international event as students around the world gather at their flagpole to pray.”

Guest speaker at the Riverdale event was Jonah Morrow, Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church in Coushatta. Morrow spoke from Daniel 3, the story of three men thrown into the fiery furnace. Morrow asked the students, “Do you follow God, and is he the first person who comes to mind? If not, better check yourselves.”

Using the example from Daniel, Morrow told students, “Three ordinary people stood up for what they believed in the face of impossible odds. Ordinary people can do amazing things.” Morrow concluded by telling students, “Choose Him over sports, girlfriend or boyfriend, over family, over everything. Check yourself. Are you putting God first?”

Riverdale’s program concluded with students gathered around the American flag. There was student led prayer and singing to conclude the day’s activities.



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