Facility Changes Planned at Grand Bayou

RRPJ-Grand Bayou Commission-17Sep22


The Grand Bayou Commission discussed updates and changes to facilities at their monthly meeting September 14th. Park Manager Rene’ Albright reported on the beach, guest accommodations, and the park store.

Albright said, “The beach is now closed due to erosion of sand in recent flooding. If we replace the sand now at the end of the season the same thing could happen again before spring. I suggest we wait until spring to redo the beach.” The commissioners agreed.

Another project is the remodeling of the showers and restrooms at the beach. Albright ask the commissioners, “Do we want to put back hot water showers? Also the outside showers need revamping and I suggest we do it while we are remodeling the beach house.” The commission agreed that the remodeling should include hot water showers inside and improving the outdoor showers and making other suggested improvements. They will now move to drawing the plans and putting the remodeling out for bids.

Expansion of the Gatehouse and building additional guest cabins was also discussed. The gatehouse would be expanded to provide sales of basic camping necessities. The camp store has closed and the expansion would allow campers to get basic needs.

The general store in the park is being vacated. Commissioners discussed remodeling that building into a handicap accessible guest cabin. At present none of the guest cabins are handicap accessible.

In addition, the commission discussed moving in two additional guest cabins. They would be placed on the lot next to the old store. That makes a total of 3 new guest cabins. Commission Chairwoman Mary Ann Wiggins asked Albright and Commissioner Dallas Bryan to put together a presentation of these plans for the next commission meeting.

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