Post Office Repairs Completed



The Coushatta Post Office has been repaired. Back in mid-August a motorist failed to stop in the parking lot and drove through the east wall of the building. Damage was all structural and no mail or mailboxes were damaged. See the August 16th issue of The Journal for the original story.

There was a plywood patch in the wall for weeks. And then workers rebuilding and repairing the wall.

Today there is little trace of the damage. The only giveaway would be the fresh mortar between the bricks, the brightly painted interior and an area of new floor tiles.

Thanks to postal workers “going an extra mile” patrons always were able to receive their mail. But if your box was on the east wing, you had to go to the counter to get mail for a few days.

RRPJ-Post Office BOTTOM-17Sep22.JPG

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