RRES Student Council Elections

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There is a new governing body at the elementary school. The Student Council and Junior Beta Club held elections last Friday. Students in second through fifth grades elected a slate of students to help run the school.

Here’s a list of the winners:

President-Cameron Jones
Vice President-Anyla Young
Secretary-Caitlyn Jones
Treasurer-Isabella Arredondo
Reporter-Kaley Jenkins
Chaplain-Tylan Beavers

Campaign posters had decorated the halls in the school for several days. On Friday morning the hopeful candidates met the “voters” and appealed for votes.
All candidates made their appeal, even those who were unopposed.

The candidate for President drew three contenders and their campaign presentations were very competitive. Rafe Scruggs had a great power point presentation. He gets points for a passionate plea for votes and giving the appearance of confidence and speaking freely. He had a script but knew his speech so that spoke his message.

Next up was Micah Davis. Micah gets the points for spelling out his program of several things he proposed to work for if elected. He promised the students that he would work for their best interests. Micah gets the award for content and thought put into his presentation.

Third candidate was Cameron Jones. He had the crowd in his hand from the beginning. His remarks were brief. Then he walked to his keyboard and played a rousing song that had the whole auditorium (students and faculty) clapping along. He was relaxed, confident and cool. And showmanship won Cameron the election.

Cameron Jones’ sister Caitlyn Jones won the Secretary’s job unopposed. Red River Elementary has the distinction of having a brother and sister both on their student council, and they are twins serving at the same time. That may be a first.

Following the assembly, students returned to their classrooms to vote. One by one students in each class went to the teacher and cast their ballot by pointing to the picture of the candidate they wanted to vote for in each race. Then the teachers turned in tally sheets to Vice Principal Danny Rester who counted the votes and announced the results.

An observation: The students at Red River Elementary sat quietly in the gym for over half an hour Friday morning. They were attentive, listening to the speeches and laughing or clapping where appropriate. Then they filed out to their classrooms in an orderly manner. Congratulations to the faculty and students for the way they conducted themselves. If you have not witnessed it for yourself, call the school and find out the date of the next assembly. Go to it. You will be surprised!


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