Praise for Changes at Football Game

RRPJ-Sch Bd Positive Change-17Sep13


Several school board members and the high school principal spoke positively at Monday night’s board meeting concerning the first home football game of the season. Red River High Principal JC Dickey explained that the crowd was very understanding of the recent updating of the dress code for sporting events.

Chief among the changes were prohibiting caps worn backwards and jeans with holes above the knee. Dickey said, “I stayed at the main gate all night and greeted every person who came in with a handshake and a smile.” Dicked added that only seven individuals came to the game with clothing that did not meet the new requirements. “Every one of them went to their vehicle and changed and came back in to enjoy the game,” added Dickey.

Dickey explained, “The changes were made because we want the facilities to be community oriented, a place where everyone feels welcome.” He also noted that he wants the public to see nice clean facilities. He said, “We want everyone to see the standard of how we look and dress at events.”

Several board members had praise for the look and feel at the game. Board member Susan Taylor said, “Everything was well organized. The band and the cheerleaders did a wonderful job.” Taylor added, “I appreciate the job they did. I am so proud because I am a graduate of that school.”

If you missed the new look and feel of a Friday night game, you don’t have long to wait. Friday night the Bulldogs defeated the Hornets from Arcadia 18 to 14, and the team is now 2-0 on the season. Red River is host to the Mansfield Wolverines this Friday night. Kickoff is at 7:00 pm. Come early and enjoy the band, the food and festivities.

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