They Hit the Ground Running

RRPJ-Principals Report-17Aug18


The 2017-18 school year is underway, and less than a week into classes the principals of the various schools reported to the School Board on Monday night that things are off and running.

Beginning with Red River Elementary School, Principal Shenell Deville reported, “For the first day of school staffers had balloons and decorations outside and inside the school to welcome the kids back. I invite parents and visitors to go by the gym and see the decorations by Mr. Edwards. We have other plans to make it more like an elementary school.”

Next up was Mike Peter, Principal of Red River Junior High School. Peter explained, “We know we are behind he 8-ball at the junior high. Our teachers are preparing the new teachers. We will hold planning sessions twice a week. I put a high expectation on teachers and they put those high expectations on the kids.”

Red River High Principal JC Dickey discussed the new WIN Period (Whatever I Need – See August 4th edition of the Journal). He explained, “Students get a new 40-minute third block to target subject matter needed by students in each grade to be successful.” Dickey said, “We’ve added an extra welding block for students in welding who are working on getting their certificates. They will then be employable when they graduate.”

The Principal of Springville Education Center is Jacqueline Daniels. She said, “We are making some cosmetic changes at the school. Starting on Thursday (Which was yesterday, August 17th) there will be a change with the busses. With the help of Ms. Everett and Mr. Pickett it is going to make everyone happy.

Following the reports of the principals, Superintendent Alison Hughes described the beginning of school as “a better plan than we have ever seen.”

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