ETC… for August 18th



Due to a foo-boo (that’s a technical term) the ETC… column for August 16th was not included in the Journal on Wednesday. So here are the articles from that issue:

Whew…where did the summer go? It is difficult to realize that summer vacations are over for another year. Children in Red River Parish are back in school. Remember to look out for the big yellow school busses traveling the roads on weekday mornings.

Several weeks ago the Journal reported on the new Transportation Director being hired by the school board. At their meeting Monday night, Dan Pickett reported that he is out riding the busses. Picket said that is the way to get to know the drivers, the routes, and the difficulties encountered in delivering their precious cargo.

Recently the Riverdale Academy cheerleaders attended cheer camp at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Here are details from the school’s Facebook page.
“The Rebels had two members of their squad chosen as All-American cheerleaders, Kaylee Merry and Brailee Vaughan. Both girls have the opportunity to travel to London to perform. Jamie Swayze was selected by the UCA staff as a pin it forward recipient. The team received 2nd overall in the Game Day Championship and they were awarded a 1st place trophy for their cheer! Look for them on the sidelines on Friday nights real soon!”

August is upon us. The area just endured about a week of hot, muggy days and heavy rainfall. There is still a lot on the ground. Farmers the Journal visited with say all this rain makes their job very difficult. Now the weather forecast has changed to dry and hot! Next rain is due in about Friday (Today). And, oh Love Bugs are back!

Riverdale Academy has posted a revised softball schedule on their Facebook page. They have a packed schedule. The next home games are Monday and Tuesday, August 28th and 29th. On the 28th they host Briarfield Academy and on the 29th they host River Oaks Academy.

NOW to the ETC… for August 18th

A temporary patch has been put on the east side of the Post Office building. And most of the mess from an auto accident has been swept away. Most important thing is that patrons can now get to boxes numbered 700-1600. Thanks to the post office staff for the friendly extra service getting mail for patrons whose boxes were blocked for a day.

Red River High’s Bulldogs have a scrimmage Friday night in Bossier City. They play Bossier High School. Game starts at 6:00 pm.

“Shoo the Flu!” The Council on Aging will be offering flu shots at its offices, 1824 Front Street on September 8th. Hours are 9:00 am to 12:30 pm. For info contact Janell Thomley at 318-932-5721.

The School Board has approved a new policy on distribution of non-school related materials on school campuses. There is a procedure for getting materials approved for distribution in advance. Call the school board office or see the principal or person in charge of the campus involved for details and permission.

A word of caution on the solar eclipse next Monday comes from songwriter Ray Stevens, “Don’t Look Ethel!” Severe eye damage and possibly even blindness can occur when looking directly at the Sun. Louisiana will see only partial coverage of the Sun’s surface as the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. There are safe ways to view the eclipse, so Google it! Or your best view is probably on TV.

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