No Injuries But Damage to Coushatta Post Office

RRPJ-Post Office Damaged BOTTOM-17Aug16


Today there is a large portion of the east wall of the Coushatta Post Office that is covered with plywood. The Postmaster said a lady coming to check her mail failed to stop and drove her car through the wall.

The accident occurred at 2:10 Monday (August 14) afternoon. Police and Fire Department responded to the scene. There were no injuries reported in the incident and the investigation is ongoing.

Postmaster Sharla Hathorn said, “The east wing of the post office is closed until a structural assessment is made, to make sure the area is safe. Meanwhile patrons with post office boxes numbered 700 through 1,600 may get their mail through the service desk.” Hathorn said it is too early to have an estimate of repair costs or a timetable for getting the work done.

RRPJ-Post Office Damaged TOP-17Aug16

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