A New Dimension for Ben Bethard



Red River Parish has a new Assistant District Attorney. He is Ben Bethard who joined Bethard and Bethard nine years ago. Ben is the son of Jim and Florence Bethard and the Grandson of Henry and the late Olive Ann Bethard. He is pictured with wife Meg. They have three children.

Ben Bethard told the Journal both he and D-A Julie Jones approached each other to discuss working together and it was something that interested him. Bethard said, “It is a nice diversity. I am now doing more than property law. And I will be getting more trial experience.”

He has been on the job about a month. Bethard is getting familiar with the procedures of the criminal prosecution side of the law. He is moving into dealing with arraignments, pre-trial procedures and other facets of the job.

Bethard said, “I am getting more tutoring in my new duties than some other members of the staff received. I am thankful that there will be someone to advise and assist with my first case.”


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