City Property Taxes to Remain Constant

RRPJ-Town Council-17Jul14


Property taxes in the town of Coushatta will remain the same for another year. At the Town Council meeting Tuesday, July 11th the council adopted the millage scale for 2017.

The breakdown is:
General Alimony Tax – 7.18 mills
Recreation Tax – 3.14 mills
Street Tax – 1.05 mills
Fire Tax – 1.05 mills

Mayor Johnny Cox asked the Council to approve the rates. Cox noted, “The amount people pay is not going up. These millage rates will assure that the tax paid is the same as last year.”

Also at the meeting this week, the council adopted a resolution “to consider calling an election in the fall to authorize the renewal of Ad Valorem taxes.” Mayor Cox noted that the Town Council will meet on Tuesday August 15th to consider and pass a resolution calling the tax election. He stressed that this would be a renewal of current rates, not a new tax.

The August Town Council meeting was moved to the third Tuesday in August, instead of the regular meeting date of the second Tuesday in the month. This is to hold both the regular council meeting and the meeting to consider the tax election call at the same time.

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