School Budget is in Good Shape

RRPJ-School Budget-17Jun14

Red River School Superintendent Alison Hughes reported to the board Monday night that the system is finishing the year in “great shape in every respect.” Hughes filled in for Finance Director David Jones, who is on vacation.

Hughes discussed the various school system funds with board members. Some of the highlights include “the budget is $78,000 to the good compared to this same time last year.” Hughes added, “There are some gas and coal royalties to bring in and the school system paid $125,000 in severance pay to several 12-month employees who retired this past year.” That is a non-recurring expenditure.

Sales tax income is down $129,000 for this year. Hughes said, “There is still an excess from prior years so the budget is in good shape there. And the Title I program spent an excess of $51,000 for excess salaries and benefits. This amount was picked up by the General Fund.” Hughes said the budget has been restructured so this will not recur in the future.

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