Is it Real or an Illusion?

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There were cheers and magic words shouted by more than 50 children filling the activity room at the Red River Parish Library Monday afternoon. They were expecting something magical and they were not disappointed.

The featured performer in the library’s summer reading and activity program was David Scott a purveyor of magic and merriment since he was 14 years old. Scott said even earlier he had an interest in the mysterious.

This was not Scott’s first visit to the Library. He said he has been here four or five times before. He said he performed during the last year of the old library building, and he was on the program when the new library opened.

Children’s Librarian Kayla Sims introduced Scott of David Scott Illusions. She welcomed the room full of children to enjoy Scott’s illusions. And she passed out door prizes to several lucky youngsters.

It’s was ShowTime! Scott opened by asking the children to be attentive, quiet unless spoken to, and to sit and enjoy the magic. Several were brought up from the audience to take part and they were as amazed as the rest of the crowd.

The show involved building a magic trick. Monday they pulled a rabbit out of a hat. It wasn’t a real rabbit and there wasn’t a black magician’s top hat. Well not exactly!

And since it was magic…the boys shouted “abracabadra” and the girls shouted “hockus pockus” on cue from Scott. Sometimes both shouted at once. And it was always loud, or louder, or loudest. After all magic doesn’t work without an enthusiastic dose of magic words.

The adults in the room were observing with a questioning eye, trying to see how the illusionist did it. They didn’t catch a slip of the hand. And everyone gasp when the picture of a bunny turned out to be the real thing!

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