Fire Department Answers Carbon Monoxide Call

RRPJ-CO TOP-17Jun2Many area residents used generators during power outages this week. A generator at one home in Hall Summit caused a near disaster.

Fire Chief Shane Felts said, “Monday morning Red River EMS responded to a home in Hall Summit and the Fire Department was called. The Fire Department checked the home with a gas meter and found over 300 parts per million of deadly Carbon Monoxide (CO) in the home.”

“They were at the scene at 6:30 am” and Felts said, “They found 346 ppm of CO. The Fire Department ventilated the home with exhaust fans until it was safe.”

Before the fire department arrived parish EMS had already evacuated the occupants of the home. Their identities are not available at this time other than their home was on Highway 371. Steven Johnson of EMS confirms that two people were transported to Highland Hospital in Shreveport.

Chief Felts said the home had a generator that was in a bad place, letting the home collect the exhaust. Felts remembered it is not the first time this has happened. “We responded to a home two years ago where a generator company installed a generator where the exhaust was right under a soffit vent. That home was on Highway 71 just south of Crossroads. A lady lived along and her alarm system caught the high CO level and called for help.”

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