Storm Causes Damage to the Big Easy

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The Big Easy Emporium on Ringgold Avenue was damaged Sunday night during the storm.

Brenda Giddens posted on the Big Easy Facebook feed…

First, let me say God is bigger than any problem we will ever have… period. And our faith in Him is everything. Never think in the middle of your turmoil that He is not in there with you working it out. I wanted to say that first because that is what is in my heart.

I got a call this evening (Sunday) from the sheriff’s office asking me to come to the store. When I arrived, I found that my livelihood is on hold for a minute. I’m okay with that because here’s the thing… when I opened this store, I thought I was just opening a store. God showed me right quick it was His store, and He anointed it, and He would use me while I was there. If you have ever been shopping in Big Easy and witnessed His works, you know what I mean.

So I am asking you tonight to pray for Bridget Kellogg and John Henson who were involved in this wreck, and also those affected by the storms tonight. Some have lost property but others lost their lives. “God is bigger” and He always has a plan. We have to lean on that.

I need your prayers for Big Easy, too. It will be up and running again very soon because God provides… it’s just what He does.

And thank you to my sweet hubby, Joe, and my precious brother, John, for coming to my rescue! You guys are the best!

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