ETC…May 31st


The Coushatta water system is under a “Boil Advisory” until further notice. The notice was issued Tuesday morning. Some areas served by the town water system were without water for several hours following Sunday’s storm. The loss of water pressure was due to electrical problems. The boil advisory will be in effect until the state health department clears the system.

The start of summer school was delayed one day because the storm knocked out power to Red River Elementary School. The school board announced that summer school will begin today (May 31st). All classes are at the elementary school. The Journal checked with the school board office on Tuesday. They reported no damage to any buildings or facilities.

Social Springs Worshiped During the Worst of the Storm. Form Brother James Hester, “Tonight’s (Sunday night’s) service was awesome! Even while the wind was pulling the doors open on the sanctuary, Donna Weaver never missed a note. Service lasted until 9:20. Can’t think of a better way to ride out a storm than by praising God in the midst of it! Prayers for everyone affected…He is still in control!”

Hickory Grove Baptist Church – Coushatta, La has posted their June events calendar:
Sunday, June 4 – Bridal shower for Dustin Allen and Hannah Wiggins
VBS at Hickory Grove Baptist Church is Monday, June 5 through Friday, June 9. The event will start at 6:30 p.m. Commencement is on the last night of VBS.
Sunday, June 11 – Memorial Service for Ted Ottinger, who passed away in San Antonio a few weeks ago. There will be a potluck meal following Worship service. The memorial will begin at 2 p

Here are the names of those in the pictures that accompanied the Coushatta High School 50th reunion story from last week. Unfortunately the picture credits were omitted.

Identification on group picture by maiden names, not married names:

Front Row, sitting, kneeling, or short: Donnie Emerson, Ardis Almond, Roger Bierden, Ralph Webb, Charlie Williams, James Wilson, and Rene Gibson.
Second Row: Curtis Fields, David Gray, Pauline Barbo, Mary Dubois, Cathy Townsend, Kay Jackson, Pamela Wood, Ruby Browne, Ginger McCoy, and Richard (Barefoots) Dalme.
Third Row: Allen Posey, Laura L’Herisson, Dale Bierden, Rusty Bamburg, Gerald (Tucky) Jones, Milton McGee, Raymond Browne, Brant Bordelon, Carl Averitt, Henry Conly, Donna Ann Crawford, and Jimmy Marston.
Due to timing of picture, attending, but not shown: Judy Buswell, Goldena Cox, Randy Hester, and Harry Lane Lafield.

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