Red River 4-H Grub N Science Fun Day


The Red River 4-H club members attended the annual 4-H Fun Day at Grand Bayou Resort on May 11th. There was a total of 117 4-H members, leaders and parent volunteers.

The students have been focusing on Grub N Science experiments during school club meetings. They did experiments such as making Tie-dyed milk to learn about surface tension, Science Of Popcorn to learn about what makes popcorn pop, the Butter Side of Milk to learn how to actually make butter and numerous other experiments during the school year.

To complete the year they did Kitchen Chemistry experiments at Fun Day to learn that it also takes a chemist to be a great chef! To complete the day they took a trash walk to the beach to help beautify the park while also getting to see a demonstration of paddle boarding on the lake.

The favorite part of the day was 4-H members visiting the Clover Bucks Store to spend their hard earned $$$ from participating in monthly club meetings.

To learn more about Red River 4-H contact Terry Foster at 932-4342 or at

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