A totally awesome 80’s reunion

Riverdale Academy graduates of the 80’s had their second joint reunion Nov. 18 at the Coushatta County Club. The gathering was organized by the class of 1983. Donna, Renee, Mary Ann, Rhonda, and Lonnie made sure that all the attendees were totally immersed in the 80’s.

More than 50 attendees danced to the music of the era and reminisced about great memories of high school. Thomas Hardee was the graduate who came the furthest distance, Cassie McWilliams has the most grandchildren, and Brad Rayburn has lived in the most places since graduation. The class of 83 had the most members in attendance. A special appearance from Sonny Hardee and Susan Taylor made everyone’s night.

The last event of the 80’s graduates was 10 years ago. In that time and since graduation, the class of 1985 has sadly lost the most members. A time of remembering all of those who have passed away was observed by everyone.

Everyone at the event decided that the next gathering must be epic.