Summary of Recommendations for Nov. 18th 2023 Constitutional Amendments

There will be 4 more constitutional amendments on the Nov. 18th ballot.* Please know that there are often credible, principled reasons to view such measures differently. Below are my respectful recommendations:

CA 1) Yes. It allows for efficiency if the Legislature is already in session and they want to override a governor’s veto instead of requiring the expense of a separate veto session to do so.

CA 2). No. These so-called inactive funds could be used again in the future even if they are under-utilized now. (People could also legitimately vote “For” this if they want to clean up these six inactive funds).

CA 3). Yes. I am always in favor of allowing police, firefighters and other first responders to be afforded an additional property tax exemption given that they are often so underpaid as it is.

CA 4). Yes. The Revenue Stabilization Trust Fund was created to bring more certainty to state budgeting and give lawmakers a financing source for needed infrastructure projects. This would change the existing broad language that currently allows lawmakers to deplete the entire fund for anything they consider an “emergency” and undermines the intent of the savings account, potentially allowing lawmakers to squander billions of dollars.

*PAR Louisiana

Royal Alexander