Honorary Deputy for the day

On November 3, Captain Moseley, Sheriff Edwards and the RRPSO had the privilege of working alongside a very special honorary deputy for the day, Kasey Dickson!

Not only was Kasey able to tour the courthouse and sheriff’s office but he was also invited to ride with Captain Moseley for a while. Of course their hard day of work was rewarded with an Icee. Captain Moseley said that he enjoyed the visit and extra help and hopes that Kasey will have fond memories of this day forever!

Kasey’s mom commented that “He will be talking about this for a very long time to come and I can guarantee this made his whole year at least ! I think we were as excited to see him get to do this as he was. Y’all better really watch out now he will really think he can be big dog and write tickets now. A special thank you to Captain Mosley and Sheriff Edwards for showing him around.”