ADA Carbon Solutions proposes expansion in Red River

 A $251M expansion of the carbon facility in Armstead is expected to begin in November. The proposed project could employ an additional 103 persons and impact over 250 indirect jobs by 2026.

The Police Jury along other agencies in the parish and the state have been working with ADA to create an incentive package that benefits the proposed expansion. This package may include workforce development solutions of LED FastStart and a $2 million performance-based grant for construction and infrastructure expenditures. The company is also expected to participate in the state’s Industrial Tax Exemption and Quality Jobs programs.

The Red River plant is the largest activated charcoal plant in North America. ADA is the country’s only fully integrated domestic producer of activated carbon products and provides products and services that purify the air, ground, and water by controlling mercury and other contaminants released by coal-fired power generators and other contaminants in industrial and municipal processes.
“This proposed expansion and addition of jobs will have a lasting impact on Red River Parish,” stated School Superintendent Alison Strong. “We are excited about the prospect of working with this company to create desirable employees for their hiring pool”.

If the project continues as planned, the construction will begin as early as November of this year and commence in 2026.